Creating and Sourcing
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International Multi-channel Distribution
INDUSTEX's successful marketing strategy begins with advertising through Direct Response TV that, apart from generating direct sales, creates product and brand awareness. In all the markets, the products are launched simultaneously in multiple channels of distribution:
Direct Response Television (DRTV)
Mail Order Catalogues
Based in Barcelona (Spain), INDUSTEX is a major player in global marketing and distribution, with an extensive network of distributors in over 80 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa, with owned operations in Spain, and subsidiary companies in the USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Chile, Japan and Greece.
The Company
Since 1985 INDUSTEX S.L. develops, markets and distributes innovative and exclusive mass appeal consumer products worldwide through multiple channels of distribution, including Direct Response TV as lead generator.
INDUSTEX's products are bestsellers in their respective categories, such as Health and Beauty, Fitness, and Household, marketed under well known brands.
Development, Marketing and Worldwide Placement of Products
From the beginning, INDUSTEX has set out a market-focused product development strategy:
detecting products which generate the highest demand through national and international market research.
focusing its resources on obtaining competitive products in terms of quality and price.
achieving a high degree of compliance for product regulatory requirements for the different markets.
Being a leading marketing organization, INDUSTEX employs its strong experience in concept and creative development, product sourcing and manufacturing, video production, and worldwide placement of products to fulfil the most demanding customer expectations.
The exponential growth of INDUSTEX is a proven sign of its successful marketing strategy and its expertise.
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